Great Uses for Mobile Apps

We live in a technology-laden world and this hasn’t gone unnoticed in the mobile phone industry. There is a growing popularity in the use of mobile apps and today many mobile phone users continue to embrace this technological development across the globe. Whether on the sporting arena or on commuter rails, whether in a shopping mall or just walking across a busy street, many people today have “married” their mobile devices and you’ll find them conducting different activities (personal or professional) on these devices.

Mobile apps provide an escape route from the use of integrated software usually found on computers. These apps provide the user with limited as well as isolated functionalities like gaming, web browsing or reading news. There are however many ways in which mobile apps can be put to great use. One of the best ways of using mobile apps is in business. This is where companies can use these applications to court more and more customers and in the process expand its customer base.

The world today is dominated by mobile devices like smart phones, iPhones and tablets. As a result, there is need for businesses to nurture their relationships with potential customers through the deployment of strategic mobile applications that present these businesses with unique opportunities of engaging their customers with their products anytime, anywhere and in a way that suits their specific individual needs. In addition, this experience delivers rich analytics that provide insights into the buying behaviors of a customer as well as their physical location.


Another great use of mobile apps is in education. Even though the idea of mobile devices in classrooms has been met with varied opinions, these devices can be a powerful learning aid when used appropriately. Mobile phones have become part and parcel of students’ lives and banning them may be the easy option but what they present in the form of ease of learning has necessitated a change in heart of some schools. Teachers can as well use these mobile apps to aid in their teaching practice. There are apps specific to subject areas and some are even available for free, for instance Evernote mobile app which allows one to organize their notes, outlines and lessons among other functions. These can be used to the advantage of educators in organizing, planning lessons as well as increasing overall productivity.

Mobile apps have very many uses in today’s technological world. In most cases, these apps are dominant in the news segments, social media as well as gaming environments. However, they can also be incorporated in other areas like education, business and even medical. Information Technology is on the hot seat with respect to stepping up the mobile game. Due to the highly differentiated platforms on which different mobile devices operate, it is essential that developers of these apps keep in mind the users of these mobile applications.


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