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WhiteSmoke one of the best software that checks English grammar and spelling. If you are professional writer and need to write innumerable pages on daily basis, there are high chances that you might make minor spelling and grammatical errors in your write up. WhiteSmoke is one specialized software that can take care of grammar and spelling errors in a write-up. On the whole the software helps in improving the quality of your writing to a great extent. There are many attractive features in the software that can help any writer come out with nice pieces of flawless and error-free writing. WhiteSmoke is effective for beginners of writing as well as for the pro!

Features of WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke – the grammar, spelling and style checker has features that are sure to surprise anyone. They are as follows:

• Accurate spelling checker – Erroneous spellings have a very bad impression on the person reading the script. Though majority of the word processors have spelling checkers already installed in them, many a times spelling errors are overlooked and remain as it is by chance. Contextual spelling check is a great feature in WhiteSmoke. This is greatly helpful when there are similar sounding words with different spellings. There is also an updated word pool that checks all kinds of spelling errors.


• Advanced grammar checker – Writing English with proper grammar might seem to be a problem for many people. With the help of WhiteSmoke, one can easily get over this problem at once. While writing in a flow, there are high chances that grammatical errors might be there in the content. This software takes care of cleaning all the grammatical errors and makes the content completely error free. Like spelling errors, grammar errors also give a poor representation from the writer.


• Punctuation checker – Many people make mistakes with punctuation marks. There is great confusion regarding the use of correct punctuation marks at the right places. WhiteSmoke has a punctuation checker that guarantees proper punctuations at the right places and also presents a clean and proper write-up.


Packages offered by WhiteSmoke

Customized packages are offered by WhiteSmoke as per the requirement and demand from the client. While some packages are targeted at general and business writing, some are targeted at bio-writing and hi-tech writing. An executive package is also offered to clients who require advanced premium features of the software.
Many people have opined that with WhiteSmoke, their grammatical, style and spelling errors have been solved and now they have error free documents.

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