6 Great Smartphone Apps to Track Your Finances

If you happen to be traveling for business, keeping tabs on your expenses can be a bit of a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Thanks to a wide range of mobile finance tracking apps today, you can now be on top of your finances as you move along.

While a majority of finance apps will let you input your transactions, additional features may vary. Certain apps have handy receipt scanners that automatically take out receipt data, while others let you sync your financial information with your current bank accounts or credit card.

Whatever your needs may be, if you end up with the right app, you’re guaranteed to save time and money while giving your accountants or IRS the financial information they require.

Here are 5 known smartphone app that can help track your finances:

Personal Capital


I have only been using this one for a few months as I used mint before this, but I really like what I see so far. This is more centered on investments and less on daily tracking than mint, and it doesnt even have a budgeting feature. I do like all the investment tracking so far, and really like the cash flow option. There’s a number of great reviews online, but this is my favorite one.



This mobile app hands you the necessary tools to help sort out your spending, income, savings, and budgets. It can easily sync up to all your monetary accounts, from bank accounts to mutual funds to IRA. Every section is neatly organized to offer you a big financial picture. Mint will show your cash flow in real-time including investments, deposits, debts, and expenditures.



This mobile app is ideal for those who want to create a budget according to their current cash flow. This system is similar to placing the allocated cash into envelopes every month. The Envelopes section is made to divvy your monthly budget and allowing you to understand spending habits in your life. For items in your recurring budget, you can freely select monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, or a bi-weekly time frame to start budgeting.



This mobile app has two goals in mind: to ensure you have a concise idea of your spending habits, and to protect your financial cards from unauthorized access or fraud. It lets you sync you bank accounts first and swiftly showcases your current total balance and the amount you’ve spent for the current month.

Pocket Expense


This mobile app concentrates on your spending habit, offering you an outlook on your expenditures before budget creation. You enter your transactions manually, making this app perfect if you’re concerned linking accounts together. You can begin by inputting your savings and checking. From that point, you can key in how much you’ll be spending. This app comes with colour codes that represent how much you currently have including credit, debts, and expenses.



This mobile app is very easy to understand and navigate, and comes color coded. The home screen displays the following categories: bills, budget, earnings, accounts, expenses, and the amount for each. Below that, you’ll see a chart that shows you income in terms of percentage as well as the total balance. Further bellow you’ll see the tabs labelled as: payees, search, and reports.

Having a balanced budget allows you to financially be on track while helping you sleep better at night. But if your finance-management system requires rummaging through piles of receipts and taking cash from different pockets, then it’s time you re-think your approach. With these mobile apps, you can get rid of the paperwork and achieve a better understanding of your spending habits.

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